Capture One Kodak Classic BW $9.99

Designed and tested exclusively for Capture One Pro 8. This set of film emulation presets represents a combination of matching digital RAW files with real film I shot in 2014 for a personal project. I've tested the presets across a wide variety of lighting condtions, RAW exposures, and scenes to ensure their utility. Simple to use, designed for a mininum of fuss using mostly a preset variant, the exposure control, and the base film curve.

The Kodak Classics B+W package contains an eclectic collection to provide a lot of diversity in look and response, just like the real thing. Inlucded are TRI-X, PLUS-X, BW400CN, and, TMAX 3200P. Each emulation also includes an assortment of variants based on minor tweaks to development, push processing, as well as common printing techiques in the wet darkroom. Each variant is not a wild deviation, each film variant is more of a tweak within a family of looks obtained from the same films I shot in 2014.

Please keep your download link - I will be providing critical updates via the original download link. Also please only re-download when there is an update. Thank you so much, any feedback you have on use, improvement, and utility is welcomed and I will do my best to incorporate changes that make sense.

Thank You Again

Capture One Kodak Classic BW [ $9.99 ]
Capture One Kodak Classic BW

Kodak TRI-X, PLUS-X, TMAX 3200P, and BW400 emulation styles for Capture One. Modelled after matching my own film results.