Portra Presets For Aperture Docs $0.00

Aperture 3 film emulation presets for the Kodak first generation of Portra films. Emulations include presets for 160NC, 160VC, 400NC, and 400VC as well as a set of add-ons for shadow and highlight toning, mid-tone contrast tweaking, skin tone fixes, as well as a specific fix for Fuji X-TRANS pink rendition in Aperture 3

Each film includes 7 variations that simulate correct exposure, over exposure, massive over exposure, a true one and two stop push. These presets are not over the top from an effect standpoint. They are designed to be subtle and close to the feel of the real film shot and processed in a similar way. They are designed to respond well across a wide range of input image color temeratures/white balance and be fine-tuned with only White Balance, and the exposure adjustment block.

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Portra Presets For Aperture Docs [ $0.00 ]
Portra Presets For Aperture Docs

Free. Small document included with the Portra film emulations for Aperture 3.